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Cougar Catamaran 8 / 10m

Cougar Catamaran 8 (also available as a 10m boat)

The cougar cat is available with 2 wheelhouse options to suit every need! The larger wheelhouse version has a 9 foot by 8 foot wheelhouse which is ideal for charter angling and diving applications, whilst the smaller wheelhouse version is ideal for the commercial fisherman as it provides the maximum amount of deck space.

With engine ranges from twin 100 hp to twin 250 hp installed below flush decks.


Length 7.95 metres 26.08 ft
Beam 3.95 metres 12.96 ft
Depth 0.8 metres 2.62 ft
Water line length ? metres ? ft
Deck area (smaller wheelhouse version) ? sq metres ? sq ft
Deck area (larger wheelhouse version) 14.4 sq metres 160 sq ft
Displacement ? kg  
Fuel capacity ? gallons ? litres

This vessel is an ideal workboat for windfarm work and for charter angling and diving, built to C.O.P 60 miles for 12 persons.

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